Mrs.Denise TaylorProfessional Nail Artist -UK

Denise Taylor Professional nail products are made for professional Salon owners and nail technicians who require the highest quality at a realistic price point. Denise Taylor, using her 15 years of experience at the forefront of the nail industry has exclusively developed DT Pro nails with expert knowledge being a salon owner, franchisee and running an independent training academy. This has allowed her the insight to develop an extensive range of nail products that are more usable, friendlier to nails and help make businesses run more effectively.

1. Developed In Salons.

From Denise Taylorís 15 years experience of using a broad range of low to high end products, she consistently felt there was nothing that could meet the high demands for consistent performance and reliability for both her salon and her clients. Straight from the start, Denise has made sure that all her products passed the strictest requirements of her busy salons, testing and tweaking products months on end to guarantee only the most effective formulations are being used.

2. Kinder To Nails.

The products have been developed with the client in mind, giving them the confidence they are kinder to the natural nails, longer lasting and fully compliant with all current legislation which came into force in July 2013. The preparation, Wipe It and acetone solutions all have user and client friendly fragrances making the treatment far more enjoyable and ensures your clients consistently return.

3. Extreme Usability.

When working in very busy salons, having a product that is easier to use and manipulate saves a considerable amount of time spent per nail. This also provides the nail technician with extreme confidence knowing the product lasts longer, resulting in very happy clients.

4. Sized For Students.

Working closely with students and start ups through independent training academies, DT Pro understand it can be difficult and expensive for students when building up their product portfolio. To tackle this DT Pro offers the same products but in student friendly sizes and starter kits to allow them the best possible start when venturing on their own.

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