Beauty brands are missing out on the over 40 market, according to a new report

Only one in ten women over the age of 45 are worried about getting old and they are also the wealthiest and most spendthrift, according to a new report by healthcare experts, IM Associates.

This is the second report by the research group and it covers the beauty buying habits of older women and the opportunities for brands and retailers to target this growing sector of the market.

Imogen Matthews, Founder and MD, Imogen Matthews Associates, the company behind the report said: “It’s not often that there’s an opportunity to steal serious share in any target market, especially one as established and as big as this one.”

Currently in the UK people over 50 account for one third of the population.

The study also backed up previous reports that the over 45s are one of the biggest users of social media, making this a key way of accessing the market.

“Today, only a handful of brands dominate the purchasing preferences of the over 45s,” claims the report.

“There’s a massive opportunity for new and existing brands to enjoy a share of the billions of pounds that they spend each year on beauty products.

we help to shatter the illusions that have prevented many brands from attracting this age group and uncover the secrets to becoming more engaging.”

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