Victoria Beckham wants to move into beauty and she's starting with nail polish

Victoria Beckham has collaborated with Nails Inc. on a range of polishes for her Victoria, Victoria Beckham line, marking her debut foray into the beauty market. That is, of course, if you discount her fragrance with husband David Beckham.

Among the shades are Bamboo, a nude which Beckham uses for her all shows, and Judo Red to complement her spring/summer 2015 collection. But don't for a minute think Beckham is stopping there. "I have a strong eye and a strong opinion," she tells WWD. "So, when the time is right, I would love to do (more) beauty (products in the future)."

While we don't know whether this means Victoria Beckham is already formulating foundations, we do know that the designer can keep a promise. Remember when she hinted at a desire to do footwear? Well, her debut shoe range is arriving next year.

With David launching a lifestyle company, this could be the start of worldwide domination for brand Beckham. They're halfway there already.

Are you willing to take a Chance?

To launch the latest fragrance in the Chance line of scents, Chance Eau Vive by Chanel, the French luxury house continues its longstanding collaboration with celebrity photographer and director Jean-Paul Goude, for a new ad campaign. It's playful, it's whimsical, it's everything Chance is all about.

The film

Goude brings out the fresh and fun element of Chance in this film, through his imaginative fantasy-driven visuals. The story revolves around an uninhibited, bold young woman who loves challenges and chances. Her first test: to breakthrough the Chance team of women. In a fictional bowling alley, she picks up the Chance bottle instead of a bowling ball, and under an unspoken pressure of the girls, strikes to win, while the Chance team, approves with collective excitement. It's really the burst of energy and zest of the scent that is signified by the film through Goude's creative eye.

The fragrance

Chance Eau Vive, created by perfumer Olivier Polge is like a spritz of dynamic energy. A constant in the Chance line, grapefruit brings a hint of bitterness with a blood orange accord; citrus gives it a punch and gradually, jasmine and white musks bring out the softness, followed by a whiff of fresh vetiver and cedar-iris accord.

5 reasons to visit the new Lancôme store in Mumbai

1. It's pretty special: Lancôme's second of its kind project in the world.

2. Free consultation: Au naturale, French elegance or an all-out evening look—they'll have you covered (in make-up).

3. Seasonal make-up catalogue: Get in on the latest trends. The store houses products relative to the season—this time it's all about vibrant colours, dewy skin and bronzed contours for the summer.

4. History unravels: Maison Lancôme pays tribute to its visionary pioneer, Armand PetitJean. Journey through 80 years of the brand's legacy through visuals of the first ambassadresses, different hues of the Lancôme rose and the glittering Lancôme chandelier.

5. Luxurious skincare: Solve your skincare needs with a whole section dedicated to precious potions and serums.

Maison Lancôme is located at the second level of Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai.